Archives Transcription Gallery

Welcome to the Brick Store Museum Transcription Project

The Brick Store Museum is looking for digital volunteers to help transcribe handwritten documents from the Museum’s archives which holds thousands of documents. Transcription allows these historic documents to be easily readable and searchable, therefor accessible, to researchers. You don’t have to be a history buff or an English major to do this, just a willingness to dig into some letters, diaries, log books, business records, speeches, etc. and do your best to decipher the writing.


Find a document below that interests you!

Our main goal is to create text that mirrors the original document. The final product should be a typed digital version that can be printed out at the Museum that will then be filed with the original document.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Write down words and paragraphs as you see them.
  • Please preserve original spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word order, even if it is grammatically incorrect. You may include the correct spelling of a word in double brackets next to the incorrectly spelled word but this is optional. Ex: Rekoning [[Reckoning]].
  • One exception: if a word is hyphenated because it goes across two lines, type it out as one word.
  •   Our goal is to improve readability –don’t worry about formatting.


If you’re having trouble with a word or passage, read “around” it and think about what a likely word would be, or look for other letters and spellings in the document that are similar.

  • Just put down your best guess, even if it is just part of the word or simply put a question mark within brackets. Using brackets [ ] like this: [guess the word?] or simply [?]. Then continue transcribing the rest of the document.


Simply e-mail the Museum your finished transcription.

It will be reviewed by staff before it is saved to our collections software so it can be easily searched and retrieved by future researchers. It will also be printed out on archival paper and added to the folder containing the original. Once a project is complete, the historic document will be replaced on this page with a new one.

E-mail: lhayden@brickstoremuseum.og

(Please note: Brick Store Museum staff may contact you after reviewing the document with questions regarding the transcription)

If this sounds interesting to you and you have some free time on your hands, this is a fun and rewarding way to volunteer from the comfort of your home. Just start by selecting a document below! If you need help or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Museum.

Thank you for your time, commitment and support! The Museum relies on all our digital volunteers!