Internships at the Brick Store Museum are a great way to learn more about the world of museums. Museum interns get a chance to experience the variety of museum work, from education and collections, to exhibits and guest experience, to outreach and design. Internships are available throughout the year on a limited basis. These positions fill quickly, and vary according to current institutional needs.

Project Areas

Based on academic training, interests, and the availability of projects, intern projects focus on one of the following areas:

Education & Engagement
Collections & Digitization
Development & Administration

Internship Program: 2020

Many museums have closed for the safety of the public during the COVID-19 crisis. We understand this means many students’ planned summer internships have been negatively impacted, or disappeared entirely.

The Brick Store Museum staff understands the importance of getting experience. For that reason, we introduce the Museum’s Micro-Internship, open to students at the college level. Throughout 2020, we will be pivoting to digital programming more than any time before – we need your help!

College volunteers are invited to choose one of the following projects and follow it through to completion; then, choose another project (if there is time during the summer). Please contact Museum Staff to register for a Micro-Internship by emailing your resume (and introduction via the body of your email) to Jeannine McCoy, Volunteer & Stewardship Coordinator, at

All of these projects can be undertaken remotely, and will involve creative thinking, development of presentation skills and historical research, and use of WordPress and other digital tools. College volunteers will check-in during weekly group meetings (via Zoom) with Museum staff to discuss projects. Meetings will also include time to discuss the museum field and future career help.

2020 Projects:

  • Program creation & digital engagement strategies for the Museum’s Century Saturdays series, which celebrates Maine’s Bicentennial this year;
  • Creation of an online exhibition using museum resources (to be decided based on intern interests);
  • Helping to solve major event challenges with virtual options;
  • Assisting with historical research and writing using primary documents for a planned Fall 2020 reenactment;
  • Assisting in the preparation of the Museum’s Fall “Candlelight Stroll,” focusing on immigrant stories of the Kennebunks, creating both in-person and online options for this program;
  • Editing audio recordings (oral histories) using Audacity to be uploaded to the Brick Store Museum’s Oral History page;
  • Producing content and recording segments of the Brick Store Museum’s monthly podcast;
  • Using WordPress to create an accessible artifacts gallery online.


Support Internships!

Internships are incredibly important to both students and the Museum. Not only does working at a small museum help students develop their future careers in a variety of professions, but it allows the Museum to gain fresh perspectives on our work in the museum field.

Cultural sector internships are important to our communities. Unfortunately, they are rarely paid internships even at the largest of museums.

Click HERE to learn more about supporting the Museum, and the Stephen P. Spofford Museum Advancement Fund, which carves the path to our future, including the funding of student interns.