Kennebunk’s Historical Landscape

This exhibition in the Museum’s second-floor galleries features a narrative of change throughout this area’s long history. Employing artifacts from the Museum’s permanent collections, this exhibition tells the story of the Kennebunk region from the Wabanaki tribes that lived in this place for thousands of years; its farming roots; all the way to Kennebunk’s growth as a shipbuilding powerhouse and mini-manufacturing town in the late 19th century.

This portion of the Museum also features an in-process diorama being built through our partnership with Kennebunk High School. The diorama, when complete, will show a 3D vision of the town in 1895. Using the Museum’s 3D printer (generously supported through a grant from the Bauman Family Foundation), students are designing historic buildings based off of archival photographs from the Museum’s collection. The printed buildings, to scale, are then painted by student volunteers, and placed within the model.

You can read more about this collaboration through an article by the York County Coast Star in 2019.