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2020 Annual Members’ Meeting

Welcome to the Museum’s 2020 Annual Members’ Meeting! We appreciate your patience as we navigate this year’s virtual meeting together.

Click on the link below a few minutes before the start time in order to ensure your software is functioning properly.


Annual Members’ Meeting

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The meeting starts via Zoom at 6:00pm.

Zoom Access:

Meeting ID: 734 157 5849

Or Use Phone:


Overall Timing: 30 minutes

5:55pm                        Welcome & Review of Virtual Meeting Guidelines – Cynthia Walker

6:00pm                        President’s Welcome & Report, VOTE to accept Annual Meeting 2019 Minutes – David Moravick

6:05pm                        Nominating Report & Election of Officers (VOTE to install new Trustees) – Amy Tyson

6:10pm                        Treasurer’s Report (2019 Financial Review) – Chris Penfield

6:15pm                        Endowment Report – David Hines, H.M. Payson

6:20pm                        Director’s Report – Cynthia Walker

6:25pm                        Questions from Members!

Premiering at 6:30pm: Virtual 20th Century Concert by Monica Grabin and Dana Pearson

If you do not wish to watch the concert at this time, you may exit the meeting now. The concert will be posted to our website and Youtube Channel for public viewing on Saturday, September 26th as part of the 20th Century Saturday Program. 

If reception is not coming through clearly for the concert, please click HERE to watch the premiere via Youtube during the Annual Meeting.



2019 – 2020 Annual Report (flip through via Issuu, found below; OR download your PDF version HERE)


Other helpful documents:

Printable Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Minutes from 2019 Annual Members’ Meeting (PDF)

“How to Vote Using Zoom” Directions (PDF) 


NOTE: If your connection freezes or seems unsteady, the best thing to do is quit out of the meeting and then re-enter. Most of the time, this fixes the issue.

If your connection issues persist, please call in using the phone number above. This meeting will be recorded so that you will be able to view the proceedings later.