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Strategic Plan

The Plan, 2021 – 2026

This Strategic Plan (“The Plan”) is separated into three sections: Capital, Means, and Connections, all of which the Museum will strategically advance in order to sustain operations, move the organization forward and deliver its mission to the surrounding communities.

The Plan was developed in 2021 over a series of Zoom meetings that included the Board of Trustees, staff members, and community representatives to review the former Strategic Plan (2015 – 2020) and develop the next five years of the Museum’s future.


Carrying out The Plan

To create our 2021 – 2026 strategies, not only was this plan discussed among those mentioned above, but the draft was then submitted to every Board Committee for further review and refinement. These committees are tasked with carrying out specific areas of The Plan, and include members of the community at large.


(Adopted April 2014, language updated May 2021)

The Brick Store Museum ignites personal connections to local history, art and cultures through exhibitions, education and programs illustrating the human experience in the Kennebunks and the surrounding communities.



(Adopted April 2014, updated May 2021)

The Museum endeavors to be a place for everyone. Our purpose is to inspire audiences to become empathetic global citizens in an era that requires increased understanding of other peoples and cultures, and an appreciation of our shared humanity. In this goal alone, we must succeed in expanding access to the Museum’s resources to all populations.

The Brick Store Museum believes that exploring history is our roadmap to the future. We learn speedbumps, different landscapes, danger signs, shortcuts, and better ways to get there when discovering the human stories we all share in order to arrive at a better future just over the horizon.


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