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Strategic Plan

The Plan, 2015 – 2020

This five-year strategic plan (“The Plan”) was constructed by the Brick Store Museum Board of Trustees and Staff in December 2015 after several discussion and exploratory sessions considering both successes of our programs as well as issues that the Museum continues to face.

The Plan is intended as a roadmap for the next five years to build the Brick Store Museum into a self-sustaining, community supported resource for all ages. Some of the items outlined in The Plan are concrete, physical needs; some are longer term goals that address larger issues. The Board of Trustees and Staff of the Museum invite members of our community to take part in helping us to build our museum for the 21st Century.


The mission of the Brick Store Museum is to ignite personal connections to local history, art and culture through exhibitions, education and programs celebrating the human experience in the Kennebunks and our surrounding communities.


The Brick Store Museum is a place for everyone. The Museum educates visitors on the history of today to build a better tomorrow. Our purpose is to inspire audiences to become empathetic global citizens in an era that requires increased understanding of other peoples and cultures, and an appreciation of our shared humanity. In this goal alone, we must succeed in expanding access to the Museum’s resources to all populations.


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