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Artist-in-Residence at the Museum

Open Application Period: March 19 – May 24, 2022

The Brick Store Museum is pleased to announce the Bauman Artist-in-Residency program for 2022. The Museum is seeking an artist to create works of art that reflects the diverse history and cultures of Kennebunk through all art mediums.

No matter the medium, any Artist-in-Residence holds the position for three months and is expected to produce a Final Project (work of art, play, piece of music, etc.) to be accepted into the Museum’s collection AND offer at least one public program (i.e. workshop or Artist’s program based on your specialty). During the Residency, the artist will contribute to the Artist Blog on the Museum’s website.

Eligibility: All artists of any medium are invited, including (but not limited to): paint, illustration, writing, sculpture, performance, music, etc.

Please submit:

1) Residency Application (PDF here)

2) Artist bio and CV

3) Project proposal (400 word maximum) with a realistic end goal that demonstrates your vision and how you will utilize the Museum’s collections.


The Brick Store Museum is focused on the history, art and cultures of Kennebunk, Maine. Artist should create their work to focus on the town, using the Museum’s collections as inspiration. This can be done through all mediums of art. (Photographs, printmaking, sculpture, videos, educational works, drawings, and other new media).

  1. Artist must maintain a clean and safe workplace.
  2. Artist will lead a presentation of their resulting work, such as an artist talk, performance, tour, etc. (In person/virtual).
  3. The Museum is offering a 3 month “residency” on site at the Museum (housing is not provided). Artist must be able to commute and have easy access to the Museum.
  4. Residency will produce a “tangible” result to be used at the Museum, for instance, a new artwork; performance; play; interpretive writing; photography; product for the Museum store, etc.
  5. Prior to acceptance to the Program, staff and potential Resident will meet to discuss specifics of the project and the Museum’s expectations.
  6. Artist will be working with Museum staff for help with artifacts and access. Museum staff will work with the artist to figure out which supplies can be provided.



1) Artist will receive a stipend after the completion of their work.

2) Artist’s work will be included in the Museum’s collections once complete.

3) Artist has opportunity to sell reproductions of their work(s) in Museum Store (or via programming tickets, if applicable) for commission, as described in Residency Agreement.




This program is based on the support of the Bauman Artist-in-Residence Program Fund, as established in 2021. To support this Fund into the future, please contact Cynthia Walker at [email protected] or (207)985-4802.