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Tours & Talks


The Brick Store Museum offers a variety of tours and talks on a regular schedule, as well as some one-time events. Every time you attend a program, you’ll walk away with something new. Just imagine what you’ll know tomorrow!

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Walking Tours


  • We all know histories. Tell us one!

    The Museum is testing a new program series called “HiStories,” which asks YOU to share your own research into genealogy, history and/or cultural topics. While the Museum is the keeper of our community’s history, different perspectives is what keeps this history alive. 

    Will you take part?

    Further Information and Ground Rules:

    • Topics can relate to any history, genealogy or cultural research
    • Presentations should last 5-10 minutes max (if your presentation is longer, please split it up and return a second/third time)
    • Several presenters will be paired together for a 45-60 minute presentation (think of it like a history-based PechaKucha!)
    • You can use slides/images, or not and simply speak
    • Presentations will take place on Zoom
    • Recordings of presentations will be placed on Museum website for future learners
    • Audience members attending on Zoom can ask questions
    • Please use inclusive language and be respectful
    • It’s OK to say “I don’t know”
    • Register to present by emailing your idea to [email protected]
    • Intellectual property always belongs to you!

    Depending on the feedback we receive, we will be scheduling HiStories programs bi-annually.

Museum Tours

Will you be our partner in education? Your support for our programs helps the Museum deliver quality educational opportunities year-round.

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