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Welcome. This website showcases the ongoing archaeological work in Southern Maine, helping us to understand the past and plan for the future.

This ever-changing resource based at the Brick Store Museum collects archaeological information in one central place for educators, students, and the general public to access.

Site content is produced by the Cape Porpoise Archaeological Alliance and Brick Store Museum staff to create an active and engaging resource offering videos, content, and paired lesson plans for the public.

"Digging for History": Explore the Work of CPAA

Major Supporters of the Southern Maine Archaeology Resource:

The objective of our grant-making is to provide a source of funding that enables teachers to be educational innovators who are committed to planning, risk-taking and achieving timely results.

Our mission is to improve our Affiliates research infrastructure in areas of mutual interest to NASA and the state of Maine; encourage more students to consider careers in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM); and enhance NASA’s presence throughout Maine.

In-Kind Support:

Elizabeth Kelley Erickson

Elizabeth Kelley Erickson’s recent work is the result of her lifelong exploration of the islands off Cape Porpoise, Maine. Her paintings and drawings reflect the transience of those islands and the natural and cultural essence they hold. In addition, Elizabeth is the Senior Artist for the Cape Porpoise Archaeological Alliance where, as an artist in service of science, she documents artifacts and interprets Precontact landscapes through drawing. Elizabeth’s work is part of the Brick Store Museum’s permanent collection.

Cape Porpoise Archaeological Alliance

Content presented courtesy of the Cape Porpoise Archaeological Alliance (CPAA), a professionally led citizen science initiative established in 2017 with a focus on the archipelago of Cape Porpoise, Maine which has seen at least 8,000 years of human activity.

The Cape Porpoise Community!
The Cape Porpoise Community!

CPAA is grateful for the support of the Cape Porpoise community, many of whom have lent their homes, water access, knowledge and advice to this project over many years.

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