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Collections Focus Projects

Like any preservation projects of three-dimensional objects, histories and cultures also have to be protected, filled in, and strengthened over time in order to ensure their long term survival. As we collect, Museum staff, led by the Collections Manager, surveys our collection and takes note of what items, histories, cultures, and experiences we are missing. The themes, eras, movements, and other items below are a result of continuous review of our collection.

Consider donating to the Museum. You can help us narrate our human story for future generations. Please review our collecting focus (Kennebunk area) on our Collections page.

To do so, please start by emailing the Collections Manager at

Museum Pride Project

Can you help the Museum collect local LGBTQ+ history?

Take part in our Museum Pride Project by donating memorabilia, oral histories, written memories, artifacts, and archives relating to LGBTQ history in southern Maine and the Kennebunks, belonging to any era.

Black Lives Matter movement & protests

Help us capture this pivotal moment by saving your signs, buttons, articles, and more. Imagine what would happen in the future if we did not have these artifacts to explain our culture to future generations. Cultural and seismic shifts in the historic record are incredibly important to capture – we’re depending on your help to collect it.


We are currently looking for artifacts that can narrate the mid-to-late 20th Century (1930s and beyond); the early 21st Century.

We are not typically looking for Victorian/late-19th-Century artifacts. The Museum’s collection started with a healthy base of these pieces, so please email to start a conversation!

Cultural Focus

Indigenous history, craft and artwork in any era

African American history, craft and artwork in any era