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The Newfangled Contraption Fair


Use this area of our site to launch yourself to different corners of the newfangled web!

Especially with virtual fairs happening throughout the country this year, artists, makers and crafters have been hit hard with little choice in venue or sales revenue. Your support means so much!

While vendors typically rent space during the (in-person) Steampunk Fair, we’re linking all of our alumni vendors and friends on this page (at no cost) simply to help raise awareness of their businesses – which we hope will all be back in person next year!

Get some steampunk-themed gear to add to your home, style, artwork, and more!

Shop Live!

In addition to this page, we’ve invited artists and crafters from all across New England to take part in this virtual fair by posting special items on Saturday, August 8th to their Facebook and Instagram feeds with the hashtag #southernmainesteampunkfair. Be sure to peruse their shiny goods!


Hellequin (artist Nick Demakes)

GearBox Arts (upcycling)


Leanna Renee Hieber (check out her lecture at the Fair!)

Costuming & Accessories

Dance Habit Designs

Dragonfly Wingz and Artsy Thingz

Gilded Butterfly Studio

Miss & Niff’s Trinkets & Treasures

Moon Glory Gears

Rebel Steam Creations

Torch & Arrow

Victorian Secret

Voltaire Design Studio


Light-Q Creations

Metal Arts

Ferrous Underworks


Agno3Lab Tintypes (Check out the process here!)

Textile Creations

Fisher Cat Custom Leather


Unique Creations & Variety


Artistic Anachronism

Faerie Eggs of Kae Glenn


Playthings Recreated