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Patron Membership

The Patron Membership is a premiere support program at the Museum that offers exclusive benefits to members. Patron members choose to purchase a Membership at $120 or above (choose your own support!) to fuel the Museum’s educational mission in the communities we serve.


There are two pathways to Patron Membership:

  • You may choose to become a member with a single donation (of $120 or above);
  • or, you have access to the Sustaining Friends program, which is the Museum’s monthly giving “evergreen” option. This program is so named because it provides a steady cashflow for the Museum between fund drives, in order to achieve its year-round mission to celebrate local history, art and cultures. Your donation is split over twelve months and automatically deducted from your debit/credit card on a monthly schedule (starting at $10 per month for a total of $120/year)

To sign up:

Visit Network for Good to set up automatic payments (Please select “Monthly” for your Frequency)

Make a one-time donation of over $120 through our online Museum Store

Use our PDF Membership Form and send in the mail