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Animal Alphabet Rhymes & Origami

Animal Alphabet Rhymes & Origami POSTER - cropped for online

Guest artist and Museum volunteer Joe Mulqueen has shared his talents in poetry and paper folding for the Bauman Gallery’s first exhibition of 2024! This show of rhymes and origami for each letter of the alphabet is sure to delight every member of your family. Join us in the Patsy Bauman Gallery, the Museum’s contemporary art space, to enjoy these poems and illustrations from April 12 through May 26.


Artist in the Gallery:

Presentation: Joe will be presenting his lecture, 1000 Cranes: Origami Past and Present, on May 18th at 2:00 pm!

Demonstrations: Joe is here every Tuesday, 10am – 3pm, to share with visitors how to fold origami! Tuesdays offer FREE admission to the Museum – don’t miss this opportunity!


Joe describes his exhibition:

Ever since childhood I have had many interests. Two that are in this exhibit are poetry and origami, which I had been doing as separate activities for a number of years. The first time I combined them was when my friends started to have children and I did a book for each child. Over time, I thought of using a central idea, such as the alphabet, to create different collections.

While I have written some longer poems, I am especially drawn to limericks and shorter poems that involve a play on words and childlike questions. Simple things that relax and amuse us may be as beneficial as more serious content. My goal is to share the enjoyment I have in creating these pieces. As an example:

The Brick Store has lots of cool stuff

For all to enjoy, sure enough!

With seeds from the past

Yielding smiles that last

They even made room for my fluff.