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Honoring Trees, Photographs by Tony King

The Brick Store Museum is proud to announce its current Bauman Family Gallery exhibition,  “Honoring Trees – The Photography of Tony King,” running through December 2020. Tony King (1934-2017) was a businessman, author, philanthropist, award-winning photographer, and conservationist based in Massachusetts and Maine. “Honoring Trees” features nearly twenty works illustrating the natural and serene beauty of trees.

Born in Toronto, as a young man he worked in his grandfather’s business in Worcester, MA, a successful plumbing supply distributor, eventually leading it from 1961 to 1986. Bruce Anthony (Tony) King married Judith Stoddard and raised a family in Southborough, MA, and Kennebunkport. King was a Trustee of the Worcester Art Museum, Worcester Hahnemann Hospital, and Cardigan Mountain School; an honorary member of the Garden Club of America; and served on the board of directors for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

Photograph by Tony King

A few institutions that hold King’s photographs are: The Worcester Art Museum, The Canadian National Film Board, The Museum of Modern Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

King cast his thoughtful eye and photographic lens on a wide range of subjects and spent his life telling stories in words and photographs about nature and man’s place in it. The keeper of his work, The Judy and Tony King Foundation, works to inspire community responsibility and stewardship of our backyard spaces of New England.

King left more than 168,000 images in a digital archive, based here in Kennebunk. More information about Tony’s incredible works can be found at Time & Quiet Press.