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The Art of Cute

The Art of Cute was curated and produced by the Illustration Institute and was displayed at The Brick Store Museum from May 1 – August 31st 2019.

The Art Of Cute is an exhibition that takes a serious look at a powerful aesthetic that is often not taken seriously.

The Art of Cute is organized into three sections: Normative Cute, Applied Cute and Meta Cute and will explore why we are drawn to that which is cute and how its impact is felt in life, in design and in art.

Normative Cute illustrates the science and nature of cute and describes why it is so much a part of human (and animal) nature.

Applied Cute sheds light on how cute aesthetics are employed in design, architecture and fashion.

Meta Cute or “beyond” cute explores how cute, combined with other aesthetics, can create meaningful art that can be ironic, disturbing, political, joyous humorous and provocative.