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The Art of Mending

One of the most beautiful characteristics of human nature is our desire to fix that which is broken. This inclination is especially poignant during and after tumultuous times. “The Art of Mending” is an exhibition that explores the artistic manifestation of this loving art. Curated by Illustration Institute.

This exhibit will focus on three interpretations of mending: Practical mending that restores beloved objects, or as a sustainable effort; Aesthetic mending, art that conveys a healing force; and Cultural mending, art that engages the community in a conversation about healing. Open June 1st through September 5th.

Check out a Curator’s Tour of the exhibition by Nancy Gibson-Nash and Kate Gardiner.
One unique area of the exhibit shows the animal memorial photography of Amanda Stronza. The artist recently visited the Museum (and Maine!) to talk about her work.
Here, we ask her some of the most popular questions from our visitors.


The Art of Mending is wonderfully supported by:

  • The Perloff Family Foundation
  • The Onion Foundation
  • The Quimby Family Foundation