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The Great State of Illustration in Maine

Illustration is an art form with an ancestral home in Maine. We have a rich legacy of attracting notable illustrators to our state such as Dahlov Ipcar, Ashley Bryan, Barbara Cooney, NC Wyeth, Rockwell Kent, and Francis Hamabe. 


Fortunately, this legacy continues. In fact, we’d like to make the case that we’re currently living in a Golden Age of Illustration in Maine.  Curators of this show at Illustration Institute believe that there are more illustrators living in our state, either year round or seasonally, than in any other time in history. 


We heartily believe this is something to celebrate! Come explore the published work of over 80 historic and contemporary illustrators – old friends and new talent!


Hosted by Brick Store Museum  |  Curated by Illustration Institute

Supported by the Perloff Family Foundation, Davis Family Foundation & The Onion Foundation


Upcoming illustration programs:

Opening Reception for Artists & Members:

Thursday, November 10, 2022. 4pm – 7pm. RSVP to [email protected]



Charlotte Agell

Peggy Bacon (1895-1987)

Jeff Badger

Claire Luce Baldwin

Karyl (Maeder) Bannister (1936- 2021)

Jo Moyer Battick

Holly Berry

Ben Bishop

Tom Booth

Marty Braun

Asher Briant

Ashley Bryan (1923-2022)

Jonathan Balzano Brookes

Blue Butterfield

Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Michael Connor

Barbara Cooney (1917-2000)

Patrick Corrigan

Stephen Costanza

Russell Cox

Maurice “Jake” Day (1892-1983)

Andrew DeGraff

Yai Deng

Max Erwin

Michael Fisher

Nancy Cooper Funk

Nancy Gibson-Nash

Jennifer Goldfinger

Mike Gorman

Abigail Hailpin

Francis Hamabe (1917-2002)

Kevin Hawkes

Rohan Henry

Ryan Higgins

Jamie Hogan

Edward Hopper (1882-1967)

Bruce Hutchison

Dahlov Ipcar (1917-2017)

Lisa Jahn-Clough

Elizabeth Kelley

Rockwell Kent (1882-1971)

Megan Kudlack

Mary Anne Lloyd

Liz Long

Rebekah Lowell

Charles E. Martin (1910-1995)

Emma Lucille McCabe

Holly Meade (1956-2013)

Tony Millionaire

Daniel Minter

Hazel Mitchell

Sam Myrdek

Scott Nash

Tim Nihoff (1962-2017)

Annie Sibley O’Brien

Sam Onche

Gail Page

Rick Parker

Leticia Plate

Lucky Platt

Dawn Peterson

Michael Proia

Beth Rand

Hannah Rosengren

Joe Rosshirt

Lewis Rossignol

Isabella Rotman

Tim Sample

Sarah Sawtelle

Edward Shenton (1895-1977)

Doug Smith

Lin Snow

Melissa Sweet

Matt Tavares

Alexandra Thompson

Chris VanDusen

Eamon White

Scott Whitehouse

NC Wyeth (1882-1945)

Jamie Wyeth

Wade Zahares